Webinar Meeting: Introducing Human Rights Issues Concerning Migrant Workers to Campus: Migrant Worker Life and the Experience of Promoting Ethnic Landscape Course on Campus


To facilitate better understanding of Southeast Asian migrant workers among senior school teachers and young people, 1095 Culture Studio worked with as textbook publisher in 2018 and launched Migrant Worker Life, officially introducing this board game/ teaching aid to the social studies scene of senior/ vocational high schools across Taiwan. In 2019, the effort was expanded to reach wider society, covering different age groups. 1095 Culture Studio's past experiences showed that it has been quite difficult for young people in Taiwan to connect with policy advocacy efforts and the studio's direct services to migrant workers. Instead, a soft approach like cultural promotional activity drew more active participation. Thus, combining their migrant worker support experience and innovative thinking, the studio designed a topic-oriented teaching aid with "easy to understand", "easy to engage", and "easy to promote" as their core approach. So, did it work after relevant lesson plans and teaching materials were implemented in real life educational setting? What is the next step if the studio wants to further enhance how students find connection with this issue and encourage actual expression and practice through actions? In this talk, our speaker will address the aforementioned questions and we look forward to your feedback. 



Annie Kuan 

Head of 1095 Culture Studio

Annie Kuan graduated from National Chung Hsing University with a Bachelor of History. She also works as a Chinese language teacher for migrant workers. She spends 30% of her time chatting with migrant workers, giving lectures and dealing with emergencies, 50% teaching at different schools and 20% researching or interviewing migrant workers about almost anything. 

Introducing Human Rights Issues Concerning Migrant Workers to Campus

Introducing Human Rights Issues Concerning Migrant Workers to Campus