【May 29th】FIHRM-AP Meeting and Warm-Up Event of ”Past, Present and Future: Art and Freedom of Creative Expression” Workshop

Topic: How does Taiwan confront and alleviate its historical trauma?

Topic: How does Taiwan confront and alleviate its historical trauma?

FIHRM-AP Meeting and Warm-Up Event of ”Past, Present and Future: Art and Freedom of Creative Expression” Workshop

  • Topic: How does Taiwan confront and alleviate its historical trauma?
  • Date: 29th May, 2024      14:00-16:30 (GMT+8, Taiwan time)

Federation of International Human Rights Museums- Asia Pacific (FIHRM-AP) was established in September 2019 on the ICOM General Conference held in Kyoto. As a platform for museums and NGOs in the Asia-Pacific region, FIHRM-AP urges governments to carefully watch the development of human rights issues in this region. It works to build human-rights-oriented museum values to drive contemporary practices to further the cause.

This June, the National Human Rights Museum (NHRM) in collaboration with the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) will host the workshop "Past, Present, and Future: Art and the Freedom of Creative Expression." This event will serve as a platform for reflection and dialogue on promoting human rights through artistic practices. As a precursor to the workshop, we are hosting an online meeting to engage artists and curators in a discussion on “How does Taiwan confront and alleviate its historical trauma?” We encourage all who are interested in human rights advocacy to join this session. Interpretation services in English and Chinese will be available, and we recommend registering early to secure your participation.

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📍 14:00 — 14:05   Address by
HONG Shi-Fang , Director of the National Human Rights Museum and President of FIHRM-AP

📍 14:05 — 14:45   Experience Sharing 1
Topic: History, Memory, and Writing: A Retrospective on Lawyer YAO Chia-Wen's Writing Experience
Speaker: YAO Chia-Wen, Senior Advisor to the President, White Terror Victim

📍 14:45 — 15:25 Experience Sharing 2
Topic: Experience Sharing on Creating, Freedom, and Trauma Healing
Speaker: TSAI Hai-Ru, Artist, Curator, Family Member of White Terror Victim

📍 15:25 — 16:15 Experience Sharing 3
Topic: Exploration into History in Theater
Speaker: CHIU An-Chen, Director of The Party Theatre Group

📍 16:15 — 16:30   Discussion
Moderator: SHEN Phebea, Artist and Art Facilitator


* The event will proceed in English and Mandarin consecutive interpreting. 
* Applicants will have received the meeting link by email
*For any inquiries, please feel free to email us at nhrm.fihrmap@gmail.com

YAO Chia-Wen

YAO Chia-Wen

About the Speaker: 

YAO Chia-Wen/Writer. The current Presidential Advisor is also a victim of the White Terror. In 1979, he was imprisoned due to the Kaohsiung Incident. Despite the hardships, he completed the writing of The Seven Colors of Taiwan while in prison, covering the history of Taiwan from 383 to 1984. In 2009, this novel won the Wu San-Lien Literary Award for Fiction. In addition to novels, Advisor Yao has authored several works on law and history. Last year, he published "The First Court", which delves into the late political conditions of Taiwan's authoritarian regime.


About the Speaker:

TSAI Hai-Ru has over three decades of expertise in the field of art. She served as the director of the Taiwan Women's Art Association and is active in art and multimedia design, as well as human resources education and training. She excels at expressing her reflections through her works, which have been exhibited both in Taiwan and internationally. As the daughter of a White Terror victim, she began exploring her family's history in 2008. It wasn't until after 2013 that she first discussed her family's experiences during the White Terror period through her art.


About the Speaker: 

CHIU An-Chen studied acting at the Actors Studio Drama School at The New School in New York. Since then, he has worked extensively in theater and founded The Party Theatre Group in 2001. The group's work is known for being creative and diverse, using actors, puppets, masks, and multimedia to explore themes such as the plight of the disadvantaged, self-identity, and human rights. Besides directing the group, Chiu is also a playwright and actor.