FIRHM 2021 Conference- Defending the Right to Culture

FIRHM 2021

Defending the Right to Culture

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in Article 27 that culture is fundamental to human dignity and identity and that accessing and enjoying culture is an important part of being a citizen, a member of a community and indeed wider society.  Cultural expression and identity are increasingly under attack everywhere and the consequences of the global pandemic have further intensified social and cultural inequalities.  This year FIHRM’s annual conference will focus on the right to culture for everyone in the context of contemporary issues and looking at how museums can respond and take action to break down barriers of inequality to build a shared sense of belonging.

Join in this important and much-needed dialogue with us on this one-day online event. We wish to better understand how museums can uphold the right for everyone to freely and safely participate in and engage with culture and heritage. What role do museums play in all this? What should the museum’s call to action be?

We will look at international examples of work through a series of interactive debates and share learning of how museums can stand up against injustice and safeguard those working towards breaking down the walls of abuse, prejudice and discrimination.



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