FIHRM Oslo 2022 Conference program

Conference program

Please note: The programme lay-out is preliminary and subject to changes. A more detailed programme will be published in August.

Day 1 Monday 19 September

Venue: Eidsvoll 1814, Eidsvoll

Opening session, cultural happening and welcoming addresses

Plenary session 1: «Museums under pressure – answering the challenges”

Evening reception at Oslo City Hall

Day 2 Tuesday 20 September

Venue: Nobel Peace Center, Oslo

Plenary session 2: “War and peace. Museums in the crossfire”

Exploring exhibition making at the Nobel Peace Center

Plenary session 3: “Agents of memory politics: The museum between government, community and its own mission and integrity”


Plenary session 4: “Human Rights work in museums: Sharing good practices”

Evening social programme. Main conference dinner at the Opera House

Day 3 Wednesday 21 September

Venue: The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, Oslo

Plenary session 5: “Room for minorities? Intersections between government and museums, and the power to define”

Exhibition tour at the HL-center

Plenary session 6: “Exploring minority rights through art: Diversity represented or misrepresented in the museum?”


Plenary session 7: “Whose story? Mass atrocities in museums – human rights violations addressed in exhibitions”

Evening social dinner (optional)

Day 4 Excursions, post-programme (optional)

Alternative 1: Guided visit to Utøya,an island in the lake Tyrifjorden, the scene of the 22 July 2011 terrorist attack on a Labour Party Youth summer camp. Now housing a memorial site as well as an education center.

Alternative 2: Oslo museum tour.

Registration for in person attendance at the FIHRM 2022 conference is now open. Registration Form

Participation info
We would like to know if you will participate through the entire conference, or if you will join us on certain dates only.

Please note that there is a registration fee for in-person attendance at this year's FIHRM conference. The fee for the full thee-day program, including a daily lunch, refreshments and the main conference dinner, is 180 Euros pr. person. Accommodation is not included in the fee and must be arranged separately. Some participants might be eligible for reduced fee. 

Some participants might be eligible for a reduced fee. This may include participants from ICOM member countries group 3 & 4, FIHRM-AP members, and students. Attendance on just one day of the conference can also reduce the fee. Please specify in question 13.

Be sure to complete your registration early in advance to secure your attendance. We would be thankful if the registration is completed within 10 August.

Original source from:https://museum24.no/demokratinettverket/programme2022

MUSEUMS UNDER PRESSURE: Government, Community, Autonomy

MUSEUMS UNDER PRESSURE: Government, Community, Autonomy