Link-AR Borneo
Link-AR Borneo is a non-governmental organization which established on 2 April 2009.
The aim of its establishment is to conduct advocacy to address the inequality of land
ownerhip, forests, and natural richness both in the above it or within it which are exploited
by the extractives industries. This is caused by the interests of political economy which
prioritized the need of raw material to supply the world giant industry. This condition is
related with condition of Borneo island which has the fertile natural resources.

The penetration of extractive industries in Borneo island is beginning with the opening and
timber exploitation in the natural forests by HPH, lots and plant monoculture by big-scale
palm oil and pulp and paper plantations, and also the digging of minerals and coals. This
economic orientation was supported by the practice of bad governance of forests and land,
which making the forests, land, and natural richness both in the above it or within it been
exploited. Apart from this, the inequality of the forests and land is major cause of the lost of
the economic resources of the people and major cause of tenurial conflicts.

Starting from these points, Link-AR Borneo was formed to conduct advocacy through
evidence-based advocacy. The advocacy is the realization of Link-AR Borneo leaning on the
interests of the people and sustainable ecological justice. Since its formation, Link-AR
Borneo is active in developing some efforts to encourage the changes in terms of the good
governance of forests and land, sustainable governance, and encouraging the self-suffiency
of the community in managing the forests and land. These efforts are related with the
sustainable development goals and the mitigation on the impacts of the climate change.

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