Webinar Meeting VIII: Building a Livable Space for Refugees

Topic:  Introducing Human Rights Issues Concerning Migrant Workers to Campus: Migrant Worker Life and the Experience of Promoting Ethnic Landscape Course on Campus  如何讓移工人權議題走進校園-《移工人生》桌遊、族裔地景課程校園推廣經驗分享 Date: Friday 138th. Augu...

May 14, 2021
Cinema and Censorship in Authoritarian Taiwan

Cinema and Censorship in Authoritarian Taiwan

Apr. 7th 2021 – Dec. 12th 2021 Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, but it is a hard-won right. In the past, films had to be censored before they were screened in cinemas in Taiwan. Some subject matters were banned from viewer...

April 07, 2021

Webinar Meeting VI: Combating Slavery

Topic: Combating Slavery   Date: Wednesday 31st March, 2021 19:00-20:00 (GMT+8)   Introduction: Since the promulgation of Taiwan’s Human Trafficking Prevention Act by the president on January 23, 2009, i...

March 29, 2021