Shared Journeys Online Exhibition

Shared Journeys Online Exhibition

Jul. 29th 2021-Aug. 13th 2022 Shared Journeys History is often presented as a single narrative that unfolds on a linear path, from one event to another. These ‘grand narratives’ of history are often shaped by entrenched ideologies,...

Auguest 16, 2021

Webinar Meeting VIII: Building a Livable Space for Refugees

Topic:  Introducing Human Rights Issues Concerning Migrant Workers to Campus: Migrant Worker Life and the Experience of Promoting Ethnic Landscape Course on Campus  如何讓移工人權議題走進校園-《移工人生》桌遊、族裔地景課程校園推廣經驗分享 Date: Friday 138th. Augu...

May 14, 2021