Keep Opening Doors exhibited at the Human Rights Museum

Keep Opening Doors

Keep Opening Doors

Duration: from Sept. 15th 2023 to Jan. 14th 2024

On July 14th, 1987, the Minister of the Government Information Office under the Executive Yuan announced by presidential order that martial law was to be lifted across the Taiwan region effective at midnight on July 15th, 1987. With this, following 38 years and 56 days, martial law was lifted from Taiwan, and a door to democracy, freedom, and human rights was finally opened.

The curator and the contributing artists of this exhibition, Keep Opening Doors, were all born when Taiwan was under martial law. Today, we are catching glimpses of a part of history that was once concealed behind a heavy gate, which was unlocked on the 15th of July in 1987, and it feels like those of us who came after are standing by a crack in the doorway, peering back to the dark abyss of the past, where memories are like roots of trees in a jungle, ever so complex and intertwined. En route to understanding history, as we set out to decipher purposes and circumstances that can be easily reduced and lumped together, those who came before us and lived in those times are undoubtedly our best guides. Putting their lives on the line, they left behind imprints that have now become teachers for the later generations to empathetically experience what they had been through at the time.