What We Do


The human rights in the Asia-Pacific region have been ransacked by the colonial experiences, conflicts, genocide, dictatorship and authoritarian regimes. We ought to take the initiatives tackling issues such as racial discrimination / extinction, religious intolerance / conflict, poverty, child labor, sweatshops, sexual exploitation, persecution of sexual minorities, human trafficking, internal displacement / refugees, immigration / migrant worker, etc.

Moreover, we ought to advocate for everyone’s rights to ensure that no one from unfair, discriminatory or even violent treatments based on their political preference, ideas, speech, religion, class, ethnicity, race, language, gender or sexual orientation. We wish to jointly heal historical scars and promote tolerance and reconciliation. We preserve, maintain, educate and celebrate human rights through mutual learning and genuine dialogue. We aspire to transform oppressive historical past into a human right informed present, and serve as the cornerstone of the development of a just, peaceful and sustainable society and environment for ourselves and future generations. To achieve our goals, our methods of working include:


• Educational and training programs

• Workshops

• Seminars

• Forums

• Exhibitions

• Conferences  


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